Art II Finale Portfolio

1. Most Successful Project

My most successful project we did this year, was one of the last ones we did; which was the painting. The topic was sticky situation, meaning that we could pretty much chose anything you want because it is such a wide category. I chose not to do water color because I love painting on canvas, it is a lot more fun than just watercolor on regular paper. I used a light layer of orange in the background because I wanted the banana to look more realistic and they're not just yellow. Another reason I chose canvas was because you mess up all you have to do is wait for it to dry and paint over it so it is easy to cover up mistakes. I used cross hatching on the apple and banana to make it stand out more like a 3-D figure. My painting represents a glass bowl/pottery bowl on the edge of a table, not knowing which way it's going to fall. I decided to paint the background to look like the sky because the sky seems endless, so it represents the bowl falling into space. If I could go back and change one thing I would change the color of the bowl and make it more transparent looking instead a brown blob.

2. Least Successful 

The least successful project we did this year was the last project we did in the year. I think it was the least successful for many reasons. First, we were running down on time left in the year and I felt it was kind of rushed. Second because the school year was ending you had that feeling of kind of being over everything and not wanting to do anything. Third was because we didn't have much time left it was completely new to us and we didn't have much instruction on what to do. Instead of normally spending a day of being shown how to do it we just had to figure it out. Another reason is that there was so many things you could add to it and you had to make sure all your colors would match or win it is all done it would turn brown. The only thing I would have done differently for this project is everything, I would chose a whole different topic because I didn't like my end result. The last thing I would change is the materials I used to complete the project.

3. Growth

The two projects we did this semester that I thought helped improve art skill the most was the Shark and Candy project. So for the shark we got to use oil pastels which are always very fun to work with but, yet also messy. This was what helped improve control because if  your not carful then you would smear it all over the page and it is hard to pick back up. The charm also taught me how to control the pastels into making shapes instead of blending, I made lowlights to make the shark stick out of the water. For the candy project we got to use blending to try to merge the colors so there was no noticeable change. This was hard because a pastel is basically fancy chalk and so if you blow on it the dust would lift right off and mix with other colors. But, the candy did teach control also because you had to have the patients to do the circles over and over and over again. Again with both projects the main thing I picked up on was control.

4. Mini Lessons

The two mini lessons I chose were kind of one project in two different materials used. The lollipop and the can were two of the first things we did this year in Art II. I feel that it was one of those things we did just to see how much we remembered from art I and just catch up on what we missed if we had a different teacher. These projects were pretty self explanatory so I don't think any further instruction would have been necessary. I think that if we had more instruction it would not have made difference because it was all stuff we did in art I you just had to think back to remember how to do it correctly. The lollipop was just simple color pencils but we had to use different colors and exaggerating the colors was the hardest part. Because you basically had to see colors that don't exist but you have to tell your brain they do so you can color it properly.  If we were taught anything it would just have been how to not be so sloppy with the oil pastels.

5. Favorite Medium

My favorite medium to work with is defiantly paint. Paint is exciting to work with because your free to make anything you want. You get the primary colors but then you can make any color you want. Making any color allows you to further enrich the detail of your artwork. For instance if you were to paint a bear its' fur isn't just brown it had tan and deep forest brown in it and a combination in the middle. With oil pastels you wouldn't be able to accomplish the detail on the bear. Another thing that is good about paint is that you can use a little brush and make fine details, but then you can use a big brush to cover a large area at ones. Also the fact that you get to use a canvas for the painting projects is what makes it all worth it in the end for using paint.

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