Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Print Making Project

For this project we had to sketch a drawing in our sketchbook, then transfer it on to the piece of linoleum. After you did that you had to use the cutters to cut out the shapes into your animals and landscapes. Then we had to paint the linoleum with the ink until it is coated enough so it won't be spotty. The worst part was having to flip it and paste it on the paper because you couldn't really grip the linoleum that well. Finally after everything, we had to wash off all of the paint from the brush, the tray, and the linoleum which was annoying. The best part of the project was the end result when you finally got to see your work pay off.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tongue Frog

The frog picture that we did in Photoshop was a lot more difficult than it looks, especially because we had to crop the picture then resize it. After that we had to fit it on the lips so I didn’t stick out and look weird. Then we had to apply the clone stamp item to the picture so that it would blend in good and not look Photoshopped. The easiest part of this project was the part where we had to erase the frog legs, because they were sticking out to much. Out of the 2 projects we did in Photoshop this was the best.

Angry Pancake

Last year in one of my classes we spent more than 9 weeks on just Photoshop, learning every single thing you could do and change in a picture. I didn’t realize how easy it is to forget how to use the different effects. Also how everything you do had to be so careful because, if you’re on the wrong layer or delete something you dint mean to it will take awhile to correct it. It also gets frustrating when you think you have something figured out then you realize that you made an error or it won’t let you do what you want. Overall Photoshop is a exiting tool to use.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stencil Spray Paint

Spray Paint

We had to start by taking an up close picture of someone. Then that we had to use a peice of paper to trace which was hard to not have your hand get in the way of the projector. After that we used a knife to cut out the cardborad which was difficult to get the knife to go all the way through the paper. Following that we finally got to lay the stencil down and spray paint one layer at a time. After waiting I finished all four of the layers. The hardest part was cutting the paper so that it would peel off. If you went to fast the knife would not fully perice through the paper. The best part of the project was they spray painting because, painting is always fun and we also got to go outside. It was the most exiting/interesting project we had done all semester.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shoe Drawing

The contour line drawing, my drawing was getting better because it taught me to take my time and focus on detail that is in drawing. My first attempt at drawing the shoe was not very good.  I practiced many a lot before I got it to actually look like a shoe.  I had to look at the first version of this shoe and then draw what I saw without picking up the pen or pencil I was using.  I had practiced this a lot in class by drawing hands flowers, sea shells and other objects.  Each object I drew was better than the other.  I was able to make the shoe. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The 2nd Picture Post

There were many differences between the iPad sketch and the hand drawn sketch. Such as with the one on the iPad it was easier to blend the colors together because you didn't have to worry about pressure on the pencil. Also with the iPad you hand unlimited colors to chose from instead of 10. But there were many similarities in the fact that you still needed a background, you needed to blend the colors, and last you need the shapes to look 3-D. Technology is important in art because it helps you visualize what you are trying to do before you go it.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skeleton Sketch Review

For my skeleton sketch we did in class a chose tweety bird from an old cartoon. I used this character because I felt it would not be to complicated but yet it would be fun, with all the different sized body parts than a human. Tweety Bird has a huge head and feet and a small neck and body. I thought it would be very interesting to draw the huge skull and feet so u could see the detail of the feet bones. I put the joints in the feet where a human would not normally, because of the fact the feet are so much bigger than anything else. I used the vertebrates in the neck just like a human, but instead I made them smaller to fit the shape of tweety's neck and the flow of the back. Then with tale I used a sketch of a dragons tale to use as an example to figure out how to draw it.