Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cans, Candy, Lollipops

 The cand project was an interesting project because we were using oil pastels, which sometimes are to big for detail, but perfect for this project. We went and got a piece of candy and was told to draw including the wrapper. Which in most cases was clear, coming to the problem. How do you draw something thats clear on a white sheet of paper. For the can project we had the opportunity to draw a soda can with detail or no detail. In the case of the can we used oil pastels to draw the can trying to bring out the colors and make the can pop off the page. With the can the hard part was making it look realistic, while trying to make it pop off the page because of the need to exaggerate colors. Last was the lollipop which i thought was the hardest because they are pretty boring. Its a white stick, with a white wrapper, with a few words. Trying to find detail was hard because all you had to draw was the creases and folds outlining the wrap around the lollipop.


 With this project there were many ways to make it your own with such a broad topic. I chose to do an animal because of the unique texture each animal has, no animal has the same texture. Likewise, when you think of a dolphin you think of smooth slimy wet surface, but in reality sharks can actually be a pretty rough animal. What I did was take a actual picture of a shark and an animated picture and tried to use both pictures to create a unique element you wouldn't see often. With the shark I used colored pencils which for an art project I had never done before, using them made the picture more interesting because you can bring out the color in the shark instead of just have a black and white picture. Whenever you do a project you always gain skill especially if you've never used that method, before and there is always a learning curve but it just means you will be bette the next time. This project I wanted to stay in the boundaries of doing something I knew I could do, instead of doing something risky and having it turn out bad. The method was by far different than what I have ever tried before.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


    In the scientific project we had a wide verity of things we could pick from. We narrowed it down to 20 then 10; to eventually get to our final 2 ideas; when I chose to do an eye. With the eye we used different numbered pencils to create value and with the value, you can bring out the shape, and make it look 3D, and look like you could pick it up off the page. It was difficult to start with because the retina of the eye is so hard to draw because everyone is different, its like a finger print. The shading, the tints, the contrast and the pigmentation of the eye. With an eye since no to are alike you can't combine two images to make your own because the coloring would be off along with the shape of the eye. The hardest part about the project was trying to use a greyscale to show color. Trying to show the lightness of the blue eye with just tints, and shades of gray. The best part was making the eye your own and showing the detail accosted with the eye.