Thursday, March 27, 2014


 With this project there were many ways to make it your own with such a broad topic. I chose to do an animal because of the unique texture each animal has, no animal has the same texture. Likewise, when you think of a dolphin you think of smooth slimy wet surface, but in reality sharks can actually be a pretty rough animal. What I did was take a actual picture of a shark and an animated picture and tried to use both pictures to create a unique element you wouldn't see often. With the shark I used colored pencils which for an art project I had never done before, using them made the picture more interesting because you can bring out the color in the shark instead of just have a black and white picture. Whenever you do a project you always gain skill especially if you've never used that method, before and there is always a learning curve but it just means you will be bette the next time. This project I wanted to stay in the boundaries of doing something I knew I could do, instead of doing something risky and having it turn out bad. The method was by far different than what I have ever tried before.

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